Supporting Retirees

After many years in the workforce, retirement is a welcome time to indulge in your hobbies or travel, spend time with family and friends and perhaps consider legacy and what that might look like.

At Lantern Advisory, we focus on preserving the wealth of our clients during this time, whilst focusing on steady sources of income to support your needs, especially during this time of low-risk tolerance.

We work with you to address the key financial considerations during retirement including the lifestyle you want to live, the activities you wish to participant in (whether involving family, travel, hobbies, or living arrangements), wealth protection, age pension, and your income needs from investments.

Wealth Strategies & Financial Planning

At Lantern Advisory, our experienced team of experts can help design tailored strategies to support:

Preserving your wealth

Risk adjusted investment planning

Estate Planning (Wills, powers of attorney, testamentary trusts etc)


Aged Care Planning

Peace of mind and legacy

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