Supporting Professionals

As a career oriented and dedicated professional, you will be accumulating wealth and making key investment and family-related decisions, however may lack the specialist knowledge, time & resources to decide on which strategy to choose from and execute effectively.

We believe that our clients should have control and choice in their financial decisions. To enable quality outcomes, we offer a customized and knowledge based service, identifying your needs and long term objectives, and guide you through the life journey.

Where appropriate we engage with specialists in their fields to assist with the execution of goals and objectives, allowing you to concentrate on your career and interests.

Our team will construct effective strategies for all major life events such as buying property, when to take profits and manage losses, unique family arrangements, an unexpected change of career, new business.

Our why is to guide successful executives through wealth creation and protection alongside tailored succession planning strategies to support their future generations.

Wealth Strategies & Financial Planning

Lantern Advisory can provide support across the following areas:

Investment planning and surplus allocation

Tax planning

Debt Management

Strategy, Ideas and savings

Life insurance and Income protection

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