About our wealth management service

Wealth Management

Managing investment risk is just as important as striving to achieve a return on investment over time.

Our services maximise your net cash flow ensuring your debts are manageable and that you have an effective investment plan.

We consider your risk appetite and make investment decisions based on a tailored strategy, while choosing the right structure for tax and asset protection purposes.

At Lantern Advisory, our qualified and experienced advisers can help you formulate an effective wealth accumulation plan aimed at achieving your personal goals.

Careful planning is required to ensure that your investment policy reflects your objectives, views and risk tolerance levels.

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Case study

A valued client recently established an investment structure for growth, tax efficiencies and income purposes. Why? He wanted to do more with his money than just earn a wage.

As a result he is able to access these monies for a number of potential uses: personal cash flow, his children’s education and for his business expenses. The structure is complimentary to his superannuation where he can invest into different assets, enhance diversification reducing investment risk and generate a second income over the long term for family purposes. He also saves a lot in tax ($3,000 each year or $188,781 over 30 years).

Client testimonial

“I have worked with Ian and James for several years and I am very happy with their wide range of services and recommendations to date. In particular they have assisted with my investments, taxation and estate planning.” Sue, Brisbane.