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You may have insured your home, contents and vehicles, but have you considered insurance for your lives, income and financial assets in the event of a serious illness or accident?

Insurance is a necessary part of any robust financial plan to protect your assets and ensure you continue to meet your liabilities, afford a quality lifestyle and protect your loved ones.

Lantern Advisory provides a wide range of insurance and wealth protection solutions for business owners, professionals and their families. We provide you with peace of mind and certainty at claim time that your insurance policies are appropriate for when you need them most.

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“James was able to secure a successful life policy claim for my daughter and I following the sudden and unexpected death of my partner. This involved proving to the insurer that the disclosures made at the time of application were true, and the insurer did not defer the claim process any further, especially during a difficult time. James dealt the insurer for a full and fair result and we are grateful for his services. I would have no hesitation in recommending James for financial services.” Corina, Brisbane.

Case study

Having the right insurance in place to cover you in the event of an unforeseen accident or illness cannot be underestimated – it will protect you, your assets, your income and your family.

A colleague, aged 38 who is married with three children, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2009 she had put in place income protection and trauma cover policies to protect her family and to secure her future income. There was no family history of this disease. She used up all her sick leave and then decided to make a claim on both policies and have surgery and treatment. This allowed her income to continue, her husband to keep working and the children to continue with day care and school. Without insurance, her family’s future would have become uncertain and their standard of living would have deteriorated.